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Live Streamed on August 17, 2022 9:16 PM ET
August 17, 2022
Dream Seeding Continues!

More progress and an interesting new "skill"...

Live Streamed on August 10, 2022 8:20 PM ET
August 10, 2022
Dream Seeding

Practice with dream seeding...


This is really hard to watch -- these people aren't actors and these agents are murderers of small children.

The cops stood there for an hour while babies were slaughtered

Middle Path Audio -- 61 -- Hermetic Wisdom Finale!
Middle Path Audio -- 61 -- Hermetic Wisdom Finale!
October 29, 2020
Water is WIERD

This blast from the past will NEVER get old - the madness of water explored in depth by your Rogue Ways peeps: Jeff PeteyWheatstraw, Brett Lloyd Tucker, and Derek Nighstocker Murphy!

Water is WIERD
October 27, 2020
Practical Magic with Phoenix Aurelius - Rogue Ways 4.20

My good friend and teacher, the man of a million skills and techniques, the master of philosophy, medicine, healing, and alchemy, and a brilliant mind gracious enough to share with all of us - Phoenix Aurelius is back to talk to us about all things magic tonight on Rogue Ways!

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Practical Magic with Phoenix Aurelius - Rogue Ways 4.20
11 hours ago

This double vaxxed Monkey is done, as predicted beginning of the Tiger year.
Drudge put a one-eye on her today.

"Experts do not know exactly what is behind the disease. But they believe it may be caused by an autoimmune reaction, when the body attacks its own nerve cells that control muscle movement."

Sure, and what causes autoimmune reactions?

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December 07, 2022

I love winter, I love snow, I love cold, I love pause, I love rest, I love snuggles, I love slowing down, I love projects, I love cozy, I love fluffy sweaters and hats, I love scarves and mittens, I love boots, I love presents, I love gift giving, I love hot cocoa, I love marshmallows, I love Christmas lights, I love Christmas songs, I love my birthday, I love Christmas, I love New Years....this is the best month ever. ☃️❄️🌨🎁🎅🤶🎄⛄️

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December 07, 2022

Apologies for being away for so long, I've had a dark night of the soul to deal with as well as so much grief. I'm back now tho and I've missed you Lindsey so much. ❤

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